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Q: what information about the cargo is necessary to organize multimodal international transshipment?

A: You can find a list of all the necessary information in application form on page Application. If we need additional information, our managers will contact you.

Q: Does the time of container shipment from China to Saint-Petersburg depend on the terminal chosen for discharge and customs clearance?

A: Yes, it depends on it. The terms of shipment can be changed according to the possibilities of the shipping line to discharge in available terminal (various shipping lines have various conditions regarding freight terminals). It is also connected with carrying capacity of freight terminals.

Q: How long does it take for container by sea from China to Saint Petersburg?
A: Normally it takes about 35-40 days.

Q: Whom, where and when original bill of lading is given to if the conditions is FOB?

A: Original bill of lading (ob/l) is given to shipper when the container is loaded on the vessel. Shipper must send ob/l to the consignee. Container won’t be given to consignee without this document. If shipper and consignee work with letter of credit, original bills of lading are passed by banks that participate in bargain.

Q: What is the essence of pick season surcharge? Our cargo goes from Ningbo (China) to Saint Petersburg.

A: Freight consists of sea freight and additional charges (CAF - Currency Adjustment Factor, BAF - Bunker Adjust Factor, also known as Fuel Adjustment Factor, PSS – pick season surcharge, since August till November as usual, WTS – winter time surcharge, taken for icebreaker service). There are also security surcharges, taken when the route is in dangerous regions.

Q: What documents are the grounds for the cargo to be given to consignee besides original bill of lading?

A: Only bill of lading is a negotiable document of title (to the goods). It is necessary to have at least one original bill of lading to receive goods. The other documents can be given at the request of shipping line agents or vessel representatives.

Q: Can your company organize a shipment of one container with furniture from Foshan (China) to Khabarovsk (Russia)?

A: Yes, “Balt Orient Group” can organize the delivery to Khabarovsk, for example, via Vanino port. Our company tries not to limit oneself by the routes and not to bind oneself by definite transportation schemes. We practice individual approach to our clients and to each shipment, trying to find the most convenient and advantageous variants.

Q: We have a container from China to Saint Petersburg goes by sea. Then it will be trucked to Moscow. Shall we pay for the container storage in port if the truck delays?

A: Usually you have several days free from storage in port charges when the container comes to port of destination. After this period consignee have to pay for the storage. Storage period and storage charges depends on several factors as type of container, shipping line and others. We inform our clients about these terms beforehand.

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